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We invite you a Open House  of the exhibition HAPTICA, presenting a selection of projects from our three years of artistic research (2016-2018).

The exhibition works as “spatial staging” to explore how the projects relate to each other and also offers an opportunity for evaluation. The project is driven from collaboration between  Konstfack in  with researchers and culinary artist from Campus Grythyttan; School of hospitality, culinary arts and meal science at Örebro University....

This images are taken during the first table setting lab sessions in an aesthetic gestalt process course at Campus Grythyttan, lead by Annika Göran Rodell. The course was developed by Annika Göran Rodell, Cheryl Akner Koler and Lars Ericsson to support students in labs that follow a dynamic learning process where the immediate haptic experience plays a vital role. The course focuses on develop ways that uncover such dynamic collaborative process by prototyping  about investigati...

Richard Herriot organized this conference where we did a workshop about Co-creative writing method for short videos, By Cheryl Akner Koler, Elsa Kosmack Vaara and Nina Bjørnstad.  The workshop is described in the article  "Aesthetic driven Co-creative writing method for short videos"  published in the proceedings of this conference Microconference 2018: Addressing designed form – demarcating design. 

International summer course Design for Sustainable Co-Creation
Back To The Land 2.0: The aim of this course is to introduce different approaches to design for sustainable development that addressed a live issue regarding food systems. The course will investigate ways to enhance food culture and security by supporting local food systems that connect aesthetic, social, ecological and economic factors. Design interventions will be developed collaboratively rooted in an understandin...

Presentation by Cheryl Akner-Koler Professor inom teoretisk och tillämpad estetik på industridesign programmet vid Konstfack samt huvudansvarig för forskningsprojektet HAPTICA.

”Haptic, the sense of the real”

En presentation av HAPTICS-projektet som utforskar erfarenheter av beröring, textur, temperatur, vibration och grepp, genom estetiska laborationer som bygger på haptiska erfarenheter från industridesign, måltidsdesign och kombinationen mat/dryck. Professor Akner-Kolers forsk...


Interview by Elisabeth Andersson

   Hon gillar själv alltifrån spaghetti till champagne och menar att god smak handlar om hela upplevelsen.
Skånska sommelièren Mischa Billing har levt på sin näsa och smaklökar i trettio år.
Den 9 maj gästar hon HD-Sydsvenskans pratshow Late Night Lund med tema mästerkock och karnevalsyra.

Vilket vin passar till Lundakarnevalen?

– Många! Men Lundakarnevalen har ju alltid gjort ett eget öl och givetvis är det den jag kommer att...

A workshop in April 26-29 to explore multi media publication methods and do a few haptic food labs using food waste.

It was held in a cabin in Brunskog Värmland  Thanks to Magnus Westling for offering  ingredients and recipe for the grey pea “burger”.  Cora got in  touch with Magnus to  learn more how to  integrate your grey pea research into the food waste haptic lab.    

Address: Nystuga 1, Svartåna, Brunskog Värmland.


Here is the latest model of haptic attributes of the Nose & Mouth in the series of Fusion of the Sense model. The model is a results of years of collaboration between Mischa Billing & Cheryl Akner Koler. It is built on an earlier model of the Haptic Attributes of the Hand. 

Due to new technology it is now possible to analyze the bio-fluid/ saliva for diagnostic purposes. This project is about integrating haptic biosensors and/or analog technology in the creative design of an interactive product. Salivary diagnostics is a alternative method to gain information about biomarkers in the body. Unlike traditional methods such as withdrawing blood, doing tissue biopsy etc. it is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive and have the potential of showing more i...

Associate professor Nina Björnstad gave a presentation at Konstfack about the recently published book, Additive Manufacturing (2017) that gives a historical and current perspective of how this technology is integrated in the educational program at Oslo school of Architecture & Design (AHO). Nina focused on chapter 5 that she wrote together with research director Andrew Morrison about how AHO's and her own teaching supports students to work back and forth between haptic experienc...

Invited to Oslo School of Architecture & Design (AHO) to plan the next WONDER conference to be held in Stockholm in the autumn  of 2018. The WONDER network was founded for women working and studying in the field of design; senior researchers and PhD students, University level teaching and professional designers. The theme for the next conference will be Aesthetics and Gender Segregation and Diversity. HAPTICA research team will   drive an A-Lab and a sustainable meal making work...

Corina Akner will run her first series of Sensitizing-labs for haptic food experience at VÄRTS new sustainable space in Gamlestad.

She has been developing these S-lab for a the past few months and is now ready to combine these labs to create a collective meal experiences.  
This event is supported by the research project HAPTICA  that is run from Konstfack in close collaboaration with Campus Grythyttan, School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science- Ör...

We had an informal reunion for the people involved in all three of the Swedish Research Council project: Complexity and Transformation, NanoForm & HAPTICA. During the reunion we gave the presentation for the Swedish Research Council symposium in november as well as showed many of the short films we created during the different Aesthetic labs under all three projects. 

Swedish Research Council yearly symposium 2017 Place: Dramatic Institute 

Presentation by: Cheryl Akner Koler, Mischa Billing & Annika Göran Rodell 

This presentation aims to expand the classic definition of the concept sensorium. It emphasizes haptic feedback and feedforward experiences that offers support for the growing intentions of an aesthetic gestalt process. During our presentation we will show some results from our research project HAPTICA which pivots around creating and...

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