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Swedish Research Council yearly symposium 2017 Place: Dramatic Institute 

Presentation by: Cheryl Akner Koler, Mischa Billing & Annika Göran Rodell 

This presentation aims to expand the classic definition of the concept sensorium. It emphasizes haptic feedback and feedforward experiences that offers support for the growing intentions of an aesthetic gestalt process. During our presentation we will show some results from our research project HAPTICA which pivots around creating and...

"Anticipation 2017 is a unique, radically interdisciplinary forum for exploring how ideas of the future inform action in the present. It brings together researchers, policy makers, scholars and practitioners to push forward thinking on issues ranging from modelling, temporality and the present to the design, ethics and power of the future."  It was held at theSenate House, School of Advanced Study in central London. 

Anticipation as resting and pausing in felt time

by Elsa Kosmack...

Please see read pages 5-6, 12-13., 21 in the article Integrating Sensitizing labs in an educational Design process for Haptic interaction for method description, results and discussion. 

This Material sensitzing lab involves 3 team members that take turns playing three different roles: host, user/player and recorder.  Each session is lead by a host who gently guides a blindfolded user/player through an material exploration in a sequence of 9 tactile and haptic sensitizing experie...

An Aesthetic Sensitizing lab.

This lab compares hand to mouth experience by exploring the transformation of Swedish dry hard bread. Beginning with the hands that explore the rigid thin surface and the course grain texture of the surface, then the bread is cracked into a few pieces and the sharp contours are explored. The next step is to crush the pieces  into small irregular crumbs and finally water is added. The process is then repeated with the mouth, giving attention to the d...

This project is a collaboration between sensory researcher; Åsa Öström and aesthetic researcher; Cheryl Akner Koler.

It was inspired by 3 aims defined in the HAPTICAs project plan: 

1) To translate sensory science methods as a design tool to support haptic perception.

2) To develop design processes that apply results from aesthetic laborations.

3) To generate methods for learning about how haptic perception can support the gestalt process.

 Campus Grythyttan School of Hospitalit...

This A-Lab was developed in collaboration between expert taster Mischa Billing and chef Thomas Drejing held at the Ceramic studio/workshop at Konstfack in Stockholm. It was designed to explore the immediate emotional response to 2 different taste combinations mediated through the sensuous haptic experience of shaping warm malleable clay. 

These sculptures where developed by Alice Ekelöf during a Norm Critical course for the first year students in the Industrial Design program at Konstfack. The poster of "Bon Appetit" by Roger Blachon can still be seen in the kitchens of restaurants today in Sweden. It shows men and women in a different humoristic roles in working with preparing food. The women's roles are limited to three: 1) the bitch, 2) sex bomb and 3)  nurse

Back to the Land 2.0 is a master course that emerged with support from the HAPTICA project. 

The aim of this international masters course is to introduce an approach to design for sustainable development that addressed a live issue regarding food systems. We will investigate ways to enhance food culture and security by developing local food systems that connect aesthetic, social, ecological and economic factors.

The course is run from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Desi...

Holding the social body is an embodied leadership method developed by Annika Göran Rodell within the emerging field of applied aesthetic with emphasise on haptic experience through human to human interaction. The method was used during a sustainable workshop held in the rural Swedish village Hjulsjö where international & national participants investigated ways to enhance sustainable food culture and security. 

The one week workshop was the second part of...

These images are from a  film about the meal experience created by the Ecogarden team.  FILM LINK 

The different courses use traditional Swedish grey peas, prepared to give different haptic experiences. 

Place: Hjulsjö, a small village on the Swedish countryside. 

Context: Back to the Land 2.0. Reconnecting Urban and Rural trough Food Systems. An international summer course for professionals, researchers and students on a masters and PhD level. Created in collaboration be...

Food Waste is one of the major sustainable issues of our time. We invited the founder of the company VÄRT SWEDEN Corina Akner to start up the second day of the  hjulsjö workshop with a collective meals experience around how to work with food waste.  

The outdoor grills was a vital part of the cooking sett up. > MORE TEXT TO COME

Mischa Billing book release 2017.06.30: Rosens doft  (The scent of roses) To be translated to English soon!  

Som liten var jag fascinerad över min mormors händer och hennes grepp. Min mormor var som ung piga på olika gårdar i Skåne och landade till slut i köket där hon både lagade mat och serverade fina familjer.Jag älskade hur min mormors händer självklart och precis med exakt rätt grepp knådade runt degar, fileade fiskar, sydde i knappar, diskade sköraste porslinet, sväng...

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