Haptic Crafting lab for Service Design

Vinnova "Mångfaldslabbet": Norm Critial Innovation with a Gender focus.

Main Applicant and project leader: Cheryl Akner Koler, Co- project leader & industrial designer: Cristine Sundbom, service designer:

Partners: Andreij Nylander, ExperioLab Tomas Edman and medical doctor / ExperioLab member Björn Hansell.

We applied for a 2 year project yet was offered support to do a much shorter pilot project that engaged many partners.

Some of the method development for the Haptic crafting dialogue and development of the final report was supported by HAPTICA.

Our over all aim was to support elderly women to explore their challenges connected with patient experiences in the hospital with focus on discharge procedures. We sett out to develop a gender critical service design methods built around crafting experiences where aesthetic sensitivities are shared and patient testimonies are documented.

The first preliminary prototypes were developed to fulfill the two fold goal, consisting of:

1) a workshop for sensitizing and service designers in aesthetic and gender issues and

2) a program and templates to support an aesthetic lab session.

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