Prototyping Labs: Haptic Feedback - Table setting

In Sweden there is a growing interest from both the scientific community as well as many professional communities to gain insight into practice-based and practice-lead research in art, crafts and design (VR). The hand-on haptic aesthetic intelligence that comes from exploring materials, users and situations to create products, services or events, demonstrates a way of reasoning that is sought after. However documentation of the knowledge and experience about aesthetic reasoning from hand crafting practitioners and/ or designing artisan and groups has only recently found support in the research community. One reason is that to understand an aesthetic gestalt process one needs to follow a dynamic learning process where the immediate embodied experience plays a vital role. This study focuses on develop ways that uncover such dynamic collaborative process by prototyping a course in an Aesthetic gestalt process for a culinary meal experience. The project is about investigating how to transfer aesthetic experience, method and models from industrial design and performance arts to the culinary arts & hospitality. We want to support the development and documentation of professional knowledge in creating meal experience by interlaced it with practice-lead academic research from art, design and crafts. We hope this paper makes some of this knowledge and experience more accessible