Culinary map of collective journey

An elective course at the National Institute of Design at Ahmedabad India. The image shows students working on a culinary map.

THEME: TIME TRAVEL lead by: Cheryl Akner Koler, Anna Odling & Sergio Montero Bravo all teachers from Konstfack.

The course started with a brief experimental assignments that prepare a research and scenario phase supported by a 3D-culinary mapping session. The table sett up was prepared by the teachers and used by students

We worked with field studies, mapping, scenario development, prototyping and performative presentations. The students are introduced to useful methods a designer could develop, to be able to navigate the present to visit the path, navigate the path to visualize a future and navigate the future to shape a positive present. The methods are both to be used over various short spans of time and the entire span of the workshop. We will both introduce specific tasks to the students and adapt our interaction according to the development made in the workshop groups.

Prototyping may be possible all the way through the workshop, depending on the findings made. The instances of performative action, as well as the students’ involvement in the choice of artefacts, traycing the artefacts to other people and situations allows each student to become aware both of individual and collective contributions to the present and the future, based in past histories.