Haptics at Konstfack 2016

There were three exam project at this year spring exhibition that involved Haptic interaction that all relate more or less to emotions

Martha Brauers project about How stress can be coped with through play activities around different haptic grip: variation of shapes, materials, textur and density are interconnected with our emotions. Souzan Youssouf work with Form Follows Symptom deals with burnout sydrom with focus on women work situation. The heavy vest she created offered the chance to share this feeling of not being able to breath because of the heavy pressure. Harvey Bewley explored the third maschine age show how elastic properties express ambient and gave gesture control in an life like way.

Martha Brauer

TALKING OBJECTS Do objects also speak a language? Can they help us to explain or to remember what we feel or what we have felt? These are some of the questions I want to ask during my degree project. The situation I’m curious about and that I have investigated is the meeting between children and psychologists in therapy sessions. Can objects make the communication between these two parties easier? What value do objects have in these situations? One of the psychologists that I interviewed told me that she always has a basket close to her and the patient with various stress balls. Among these stress balls, there is one, which is especially popular and quite often gets taken from the clinic in secret. This anecdote triggered me! It felt like an area where there is a lot to explore and also an area where a designer would be able to contribute with ideas.

Souzan Youssouf

I CAN’T BREATHE! FORM FOLLOWS SYMPTOMS“It feels like the whole world’s weight falls down on my shoulders and down on my chest, so that I can’t breathe.”*There is an increasing number of people on sick leave in Sweden due to unbalanced working conditions. They face emotional, psychological and bodily violence from being burned out. A majority of these people are women, many of which can be described as “Duktiga Flickan” (“the Good Girl”), in other words, ambitious and high performing.This project is focusing on the most violent sensation of burnout, the anxiety. Together with other “Good Girls” I have explored the aesthetics of the pain.Anxiety Machine #1 is made to move you into a state of anxiety through pressure of weights and vibrations from sounds. Others’ realities become yours, and you are confronted with your own pain and discomfort. What do you find to be reasonable and what should no one have to experience?*Workshop participant.

Harvey Bewley

ELASTIC INTERFACES OF THE THIRD MACHINE AGE find it fascinating how a moving machine affords us the ability to think it is alive. Our reactions can be instinctive and playful, often prompting projections of our own moods and characteristics.Yet in the ‘third machine age’ our technology is static and invisible. In the pursuit of the new and ‘the efficient’ our user interfaces have become ambient and gesture controlled. The life and emotion of the machine is hidden away and miniaturised beyond attention.For my degree project, I will question functional efficiency and speculate towards a more playful and expressive future. How do we make our products move again