Multi media workshop in Grythyttan

Cheryl Ball lead a workshop in Grythyttan that involved learning about multimedia publishing context. She came to work with us on how to create multimedia article for the HAPTICA project that can be peer-reviewed for scientific publication. Cheryl Ball is the is the co-principal investigator on the project VEGA which is a $1m from an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to build an open-source academic publishing platform for print and multimedia scholarship that is run out AHO the Oslo school of architecture. She is the editor for the online journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, which exclusively publishes digital media scholarship and is read in 180 countries. Cheryl is an associate professor of digital publishing studies at West Virginia University and teaches digital publishing, editing, grant writing, writing and assessing for multimedia, editing multimedia, and academic literacies in the US and abroad. Her books include a scholarly multimedia collection The New Work of Composing (co-edited with Debra Journet and Ryan Trauman) and the print-based RAW: Reading and Writing New Media (co-edited with Jim Kalmbach). My newest book, Writer/Designer: A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects (with Kristin Arola and Jenny Sheppard), is available to order from Bedford/St. Martin’s Press. .If you have questions about my research or teaching, please email me.

Her Cheryl Ball is explaining how we all explore haptics differently and that that OK!