Holding the social body

Holding the social body is an embodied leadership method developed by Annika Göran Rodell within the emerging field of applied aesthetic with emphasise on haptic experience through human to human interaction. The method was used during a sustainable workshop held in the rural Swedish village Hjulsjö where international & national participants investigated ways to enhance sustainable food culture and security.

The one week workshop was the second part of the international course: Back to the Land 2.0, Reconnecting Urban and Rural through Food Systems driven from Konstfack in collaboration with Örebro University, Campus Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science and John Thackara. The different stages involve suspending judgement, embodied meditative and performative activities, poetic reflection, journaling, mapping and other activities that make tangible connections to intangible experiences.Participants will also carry out communication, affirmative feedback and knowledge exchange activities during the week, with a focus on the co-creation of collective meals whose content, process and form express ecological and sustainable perspectives. A local and national Swedish perspective will be shared in relation to insight from our International participants who will be encouraged to propose practices from their own cultures with the potential to be adapted locally.New ways to re-connect the city with the land will be a core theme: Ways that are part-time, but long-term; ways that involve an exchange of value, not just paying money; ways in which land, knowledge, and equipment are shared in new ways; ways based on the re-discovery of historical links between town and country – but reinvented in an age of networks and social innovation.)