Expanding the sensorium

Swedish Research Council yearly symposium 2017 Place: Dramatic Institute

Presentation by: Cheryl Akner Koler, Mischa Billing & Annika Göran Rodell

This presentation aims to expand the classic definition of the concept sensorium. It emphasizes haptic feedback and feedforward experiences that offers support for the growing intentions of an aesthetic gestalt process. During our presentation we will show some results from our research project HAPTICA which pivots around creating and experiencing different “meal / taste experiences” with emphasis on haptic perception.

We present three main paths of investigation:

1. The haptic attributes of the hand will be presented in an awareness based metod. The participants are then lead into an explorative lab comparing the haptics of the hand with the haptics of the mouth.

2. Ways to heighten our haptic perception in the hands, mouth and nose in an aesthetic lab. The participants explore properties of snow in relation to a “tasters haptic grip”.

3. A method for enhancing hospitality is presented through embodied haptic experiences. These immediate aesthetic experiences aim to strengthen contact with ourselves and the social body which directly effect and affect our actions and reactions. This method is framed by a project to enhance food culture and hospitality by supporting local rural food systems that connect aesthetic, social and ecological factors.