Aesthetic Gestalt Process - Table setting + style periods

This images are taken during the first table setting lab sessions in an aesthetic gestalt process course at Campus Grythyttan, lead by Annika Göran Rodell. The course was developed by Annika Göran Rodell, Cheryl Akner Koler and Lars Ericsson to support students in labs that follow a dynamic learning process where the immediate haptic experience plays a vital role. The course focuses on develop ways that uncover such dynamic collaborative process by prototyping about investigating how to transfer aesthetic experience, method and models from industrial design and performance arts to the culinary arts & hospitality. It pivots around applying professional knowledge in creating meal experience by interlaced it with practice-lead haptic research supported by the two Swedish Research Council projects in haptics. We are current working on a multi-media project to document the experience of taking part in the course from a pedagogic perspective.