BACK to the LAND: 2.0 Reconnecting Urban and Rural through Food systems

International summer course Design for Sustainable Co-Creation Back To The Land 2.0: The aim of this course is to introduce different approaches to design for sustainable development that addressed a live issue regarding food systems. The course will investigate ways to enhance food culture and security by supporting local food systems that connect aesthetic, social, ecological and economic factors. Design interventions will be developed collaboratively rooted in an understanding of local context and issues, and achieved with input from leading national and international experts/research leaders. The course includes a live workshop, in a rural region of Sweden, in which students, partners, experts and teachers from Sweden and internationally, share their experiences, and adapt models and approaches tested in local contexts.Leading up to this live workshop week, the course involves distance work through email and the course webpage, planned around three stages:1. Preparatory individual work, with reference to literature, video lectures and web links. 2. Collaborative workshop week on site in a Swedish village with investigations of sustainability with local partners, meetings and tutorials, including making & sharing in collective meal experiences.3. Individual reflection and refinement with distance/online assignments and examinations that aim to re-connect the people living in urban centers with those in rural countryside.