Sensitzing-lab Encouraging haptics in food design

Corina Akner will run her first series of Sensitizing-labs for haptic food experience at VÄRTS new sustainable space in Gamlestad.

She has been developing these S-lab for a the past few months and is now ready to combine these labs to create a collective meal experiences. This event is supported by the research project HAPTICA that is run from Konstfack in close collaboaration with Campus Grythyttan, School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science- Örebro University HAPTICA is an artistic research project aimed to explore aesthetic sensitizing labs that investigate haptic attributes of the hand, nose, mouth and body in relaiton to the gestalt process.

Haptics perception can be divided into three areas: starting with spatial experience felt by the skin such as temperature, air flow and vibration, then adding the 2-D tactile properties of surface texture . The third areas involves our ability to grip and explore 3-D form and material such as density, weight, proportions etc.

Corina's main contribution to the project is in relation to food and haptic experiences in the mouth.

WHEN: On June 19th between 10:30 and 13:30

WHERE:Gamlestadsvägen 3, hur B21.


During workshop you will be able to participate in and reflect on a number of aesthetic labs. These labs lead us to a common lunch lunch.I have chosen you because I think you fit the group of about 9 people.Your background and how you rely on food mean that I think you can have a meaningful role in the development of this workshop series.

between Konstfack and funded by the Swedish Research Council.