Back to the Land 2.0 2020

Back to the Land 2.0 is an international multi-disciplinary design course about re-connecting urban activities with rural activities as one way to enhance food culture and security. Using a collaborative creative learning platform for preparatory work, and in a live week shaped by the Theory U process, students will learn together with national and international experts and local partners engaged in food systems. The on-site week-long program at Hjulsjö community offers hands-on experiences in which we craft and test small actions that can effect change in larger cultural, economic and ecosystems. Our work will touch on such as issues as soil fertility and biodiversity; new notions of ecological & economic value; tactile & haptic aspects of food experience design. Practical lessons will include the social or economic actions that support sustainable hubs in rural and urban situations, and how we can engage and share in ecological location-based sensory experiences connected to meal experience. We will explore how aesthetic driven design activism can stimulate positive changes in ecological and social-cultural systems. This course is driven from Konstfack DIV Design program: Lead by Cheryl Akner Koler, professor in theoretical and applied aesthetics. And is given in partnership with: John Thackara, a world - known design expert on sustainability development and social innovation and the director of the organization Doors of Perception. Read more at: Annika Göran Rodell, lecturer at Örebro University, Campus Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Sciences expert U-Theory leadership methods. Read more at: With local partners: Hjulsjö village community Magnus Westling Christine Schaffer Food waste partner: VÄRT